Accidente con flores – creative studio Mallorca
Accidente con flores is a creative studio based in Mallorca and Ibiza. Founded in 2017 by Ola Kawalko and Adrián Martínez Marí. We offer local ceramic art pieces, our clothing line and accessories, which we design, cut and sew in our atelier. Our priorities and main values are environmental consciousness, sustainability, quality, and social responsibility.
We collaborate with suppliers from the island, support and work with local artisans:
Guillem Casellas – handwoven palm accessories
Adrián Ribas – ceramics
Cori – hand crocheted clothing
Eva – hand knitted clothing
Eugenia Marcote – hand spun wool yarns
Maria Amengual Capó – ceramics
Sandra – hand crocheted accessories
Maria – seamstress
Marta – hand crocheted clothing
Miguel and Maria Serra – ceramics
Catalina Pons – hand crocheted accessories
Antic Mallorca – handwoven palm suns


We use only natural fibers, GOTS certified organic textiles and locally handspun wool yarns.
We collaborate with Fibre Bio company on our natural colors, plant dyed fabrics and hand screen print all the artworks in Mallorca with non-toxic, water based inks.  
Accidente con flores is an ongoing process – timeless, locally handcrafted, organic, skin kind collections available at any time.


Take care of the Earth and help to create a more positive future!