Interview with Adriana Meunié – artist and textile designer


MC How did you experience the lockdown on the island?
AM It was a perfect time to simply focus on what I needed, time without distractions in the workshop and finding more space to take care of myself in terms of diet and exercise. What I liked least was feeling to be so controlled by the state and seeing how the news only reported the coronavirus without mentioning so many other things that were happening.

MC Did isolation change your perception of Mallorca and / or the relationship with Spain or Europe?
AM No, rather it has been a clarification of what I already thought:
– The importance of the local economy.
– The need to review the economic models we have, since basing an entire economy on tourism (mostly cheap) and construction is not healthy. We need more local industry, bet on sustainable tourism and eliminate the image of sun and beach, we have thousands of years of history on this island that is not cared about enough (like the talaiots) and fields in poor condition for not helping duly to people who work in the fields and agriculture or who have land. They only serve to be sold and built on.
– I felt very grateful to live in the country. I never imagined that in such a short time the sea and the air could regenerate so quickly. That was the best.

MC When and how did you do the work that you are going to exhibit in our AMICS DE LA TERRA exhibition?
AM There are pieces made for the exhibition “tot torna” and others that I developed during confinement. I’ve had them in mind for a long time.

MC What do these works mean to you?
AM They are a mix between the textile works that I do and the clothing line I design. It is a pleasure to be able to let go when you dress. When you put on one of these suits you almost turn into a bug, a being … I would love to see these creatures circulate through cities, for example. It would be like a vindication of people dressed in nature, not necessarily bucolic, but strong and wild in their own way.

MC What does Mallorca mean to you and how does your work inspire you (from a more general community point of view)?
AM Mallorca is a whole world. With so much traveling around I think we have lost the feeling of belonging to a place, that’s why we don’t really care where we are or where we go, we are passengers. The only way to be able to contribute positively to a place is by getting to know it, asking questions, spending time, respecting the local habitants and their ways of living. That is why I am happy to be here, where I was lucky enough to be born. I try to claim the importance of raw materials as they would be a basis for developing future craft, design or industry projects.

MC What are your favorite places?
AM I am very from the South.

About Adriana:

I studied fashion design in Barcelona, in BAU, Escola Superior de Diseny.
I never felt totally comfortable with the fashion world but I developed a real love for textiles in many of it’s forms.
I found the tapestry techniques, bounded to the very primary sense of textiles, as an incredible opportunity to create wild textures, volumes and shapes.

I’m combining this technique with raw materials from my surroundings. I find in them many interesting symbols like tradition, hand and artisanal work and that it relates to ancient jobs like a shepherd ( The wool comes from the sheep I help to shear), people who cultivate the plants, etc. I wish to give value to all of these concepts.

I also choose them for their intrinsic beauty. The wool, esparto, carritx, rafia (among others) in their primary form are simply so attractive to me. We usually see them treated or used in baskets, sweaters, chairs… but before giving them a practical use, I find them wonderful and I wish to share this feeling.

The colors are always natural. I have a great difficulty with using colors. The truth is that like this they naturally blend with the colors of my surroundings, and I love that.

I grew up in Mallorca, where I actually live. My studio is in Felanitx and my home in Ses Salines (the South). I feel like I’m a “Studio person”. I love to work, and it’s through “doing” that I learn and more things come up. For me, home and studio are esencial, I couldn’t function without them.