Recap Amics de la Terra art show 01. – 03. October 2021

Due to the Covid Pandemic, Mallorca is suffering an economic recession. Absent tourists, however, give us the chance to touch base with the artists on the island and explore social and political dependence as seen in contemporary creativity. Through the media of photography, sculpture, painting, films and installations, we explore the aspect of detachment as a source of artistic inspiration and cultural identity. The multidisciplinary exhibition is co-curated by Benjamin Merten for THX again Berlin – a curatorial platform connecting communities through art. 2022 in Berlin, stay tuned.

In order to give something back to the island, we will be offering limited shirt editions in our SHOP and donate 100% of the profits to Amics de la Terra. An initiative founded to appreciate and preserve Mallorcas environment through projects in agriculture & food, climate & energy, biodiversity and ecology. Documenting and supporting heir projects will hopefully allow us to activate more funds for a sustainable Mallorca. A big thank you to all contributors ans sponsors (Rosa Blanca Beer, Can Axartell Organic Wines from Mallorca, Brilla Kombucha Mallorca)- and to everybody for their gratitude. Works by:

Kate Bellm, Vera Edwards, Adriana Meunie, Xim Izquierdo, Toni Salom, Balthazar Klarwein, Carlotta Santamaria, Claire OKeefe, Anna Alexandra