Anna Alexandra, an interview with the contemporary artist based on Mallorca

Anna-Alexandra (1990) is a visual artist, poet and culturologist born in Bulgaria and based in Mallorca, Spain. Her background is related to ancient languages, philosophy and history of culture. She has been creator and participant in numerous Poetry, Fine Arts and Photography art projects. Her art is deeply connected and inspired by Ancient Culture, Mythology and Philosophy and these topics are present in her work.

Anna-Alexandra is deeply interested in the subject of the emotional and physical experience of art. We have chattet with her on her life in Mallorca

MC How did you experience the lockdown on the island?

AA Undoubtedly the past year has been challenging in many aspects.
The global situation that the virus has caused has changed a lot the dynamics of everyday life, the way we communicate, the idea of making plans for the future…it also had a big impact on our inner world, on our emotions and on the idea of happiness. I felt that after the long isolation during the first lockdown, when we were closed for almost three months, I began to appreciate much more the simple things like just to walk in the nature, to go to the beach, an opportunity to be with friends, to communicate. It seems to me that now we value these things more, that we need less to able to be happy. Perhaps that’s why I’m much more observant right now. I find the simple act of observation as a deep, mysterious and beautiful.

MC Did isolation change your perception on Mallorca and/or the relationship with Spain or Europe?

AA For sure the long isolation somehow predisposed to consider your existence, outside the daily dynamics, outside the projects and obligations. I definitely entered the new year with the intention to live and feel more intense, to be more honest with myself, to make more conscious choices about what I consume, which is related to both the attitude towards nature and this to where you are. Elia and I started talking more and more about the need to be more focused on the local and the community we belong to now. We rediscovered the beauty of Mallorca. Due to the impossibility to travel outside the island, we were able to truly enjoy the sea, food and nature without the usual crowds of tourists. Endless beaches, breathtaking views and meetings with dear friends. We also managed to complete many creative projects, despite the situation and even because of it. We finished a short film, which we shooted shortly after the lockdown ended. We developed our own brand for handmade bags, in line with our philosophy of sustainability and design requirements.


MC When and how did you produce the works exhibited in our AMICS DE LA TERRA art show?


AA Some of the pieces I’ve created last year after the lockdown and some of them are completely new. While in a creative process, I feel like I don’t have to be anywhere else and do anything else. It is an incomparable feeling of bliss. I consider my art to be process-based with an almost ritualistic character. Motion, materials and context have significant impact on the final result. At the moment I’m interested in painting on large scale canvas, and making masks. I also love to paint next to the sea or in nature, transforming the exterior into generous studio.

MC What do they mean to you?

AA We all have the necessity to create. Тhe transformation of our inner impulses, feelings and thoughts is part of a deep psychological process, that is necessary for our growth as personalities. In each of my works there is a piece of me. My method is connected to the real interaction between my body and the canvas, paints and other materials. I would love if people can feel emotionally connected to the content of my work. Art for me is more about subconscious experience than the interpretation of an intellectual concept.

MC What’s Mallorca for you and how does it inspire your work (more generally and also with regards to the community)?

AA I love Mallorca. We are living here since three years and the connection with the island is growing stronger and stronger for me. I was aways dreaming to live on an island. Close to the nature and to the sea. For me wellbeing is strongly linked to the pleasure and satisfaction of life. Of course It’s a complex combination of emotional, physical and mental factors, but more than anything else, to me, it depends on the connection to our inner creative centre and intuition. Indeed, the wellbeing of an artist is strongly connected to his ability to express himself and I feel that Mallorca is giving me the right context and conditions to create. My art is deeply connected and inspired by my passion for ancient culture, mythology and philosophy. I’m aways thinking of how to reach and express through abstraction the sublime feeling of the relation between nature and feminine energy. Im very influenced by the primitive art and by the primordial female figure. Many of my projects are about the mysterious and magical feminine nature and her connection to the earth and to the cicle of life. For example, I’m working now on a project about the feminine nature of the sea and about the female personifications of the water – LA MAR. This project was inspired by Mallorca, the sea and anthropological linguistic researches on mediterranean poetry and myths.


MC What are your favorite spots that you’d like to share? (Can also be cafes, markets, studios,….)

AA Well I have many favourite spots in Mallorca….beautiful secret places in the nature, art studios, lovely colourful local markets, special coffee shops and restaurants.
I love very much the path between cala Deia and Lluccalcari, Port del Canonge and Banyalbufar.

Shops and markets: Arquinesia parfums boutique, The flea market in Consell, Nu Market, Circle Carbon Labs organic veggie farm

Coffees and restaurants: Cafe Riutort Cafe Mistral Mama Carmen BiBap Palma

Villas: Finca Son Ru Casa Balandra Casa Mana

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