Arquinesia Perfumes and Soap Boutique

Arquinesia journey began with the idea to create a hidden place, a place away from all the noise that surrounds us daily. But it inevitably became an open secret, a secret that wanted
to be shared.
The main store can be found in the magnificent centre of Palma de Mallorca in a small side street. One cannot just walk past the store. It’s atmosphere and charisma compel you to enter the paradise. “The Secret Place” is what the store has been lovingly named and become known for.
When entering its small, almost unnoticeable door, a whole new journey to a different world opens up to you, filled with exquisite scents that tell a story on their own.
Once you pass through the store’s enchanting little door, you embark on a journey that meanders through each room one by one, each telling a story, gradually telling the story and unveiling the secret. The collection room can be found at the end of the journey, bathed in mystical light emanating from the patio, inviting you to linger and sample all the amazing scents that you have just encountered as part of a visual and olfactory experience. Leaving the Arquinesia store, you feel as though you
have just discovered a new universe of harmony and scents – a true wonderland of fragrances.

Arquinesia was created and designed as a result of many different travels to the Mediterranean Sea and out of love for the Balearic Islands. It was inspired by the many different scents of the multifaceted Balearic Islands. The magical atmosphere and moments that one takes in on a journey is what has created and been captured in the authentic Scent Collection. An earlier passion for photography, an eye for beauty and a love for scents, has imparted added value to the Scent Collection.
Capturing the moment not just through the smell but also with your sight, actually seeing them,
is one of the many reasons why Arquinesia is so special. One doesn’t just wear a scent, one gets to experience and feel it as well, originating from a first-hand experience of the Balearic Islands.
All these magical moments and love have been captured in Arquinesia’s scents.
Each scent’s individual story imparts a uniqueness to the brand that cannot be found anywhere else. Each story is filled with history and passion, evoking the beauty and magnificence of the fragrances.

Arquinesia is a wordplay between Arquipélago and Gymnesia (ancient Balearic Islands).
The crown represents the kingdom and the points on the crown represent the main Balearic Islands

Each scent is available as:

Eau de parfum Liquid soap
Shower gel
Hand and body lotion Soap bar

Scented candle
All products are made from organic essential oils and manufactured from raw materials. The liquid soap, shower gel and body lotion are also vegan.

Arquinesia Perfumes

Carrer de Sant Gaietà 6a, 07012 Palma de Mallorca