Interview with artist and photographer Xim Izquierdo

MC How did you experience the lockdown on the island?
XI It was a really deep inner work, time to meditate and create

MC Did isolation change your perception on Mallorca and/or the relationship with Spain or Europe?
XI Yes, sure, it really changed my perception of the whole Universe.

MC When and how did you produce the works that will be exhibited in the AMICS DE LA TERRA show?
XI Just after the isolation, we were creating the concept during the lockdown

MC What do they mean to you?
XI That we are all connected with Mother Earth (we are one), we need more raw life, we need to back to the roots and find our inner child.

MC What’s Mallorca for you and how does it inspire your work (more generally and also with regards to the community)?
XI Mallorca has really strong attraction when you are abroad, you always need to come to your center, to your heart, to your island. You have the sea, the mountains… all kind of landscapes. The ancestral energy is very old, very quiet.

MC What are your favorite spots that you’d like to share?
XI I don’t like to mention just a few places, Mallorca has infinite of magical places and people.