Astrology calendars and art by Tenderete Sideral Mallorca

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Tenderete Sideral is the name of the duo Olga Panadés Massanet and Luna Pérez Visairas. The project is born from shared interests: the visual arts, curiosity about the stars, a taste for beautiful things, the fascination for understanding the being and its evolutionary development and the illusion of creating magical objects and useful tools that accompany us in day to day and serve as inspiration to inhabit dimensions of being that are more in line with our essence. Currently, in addition to the online store (stellar stationery), we hold exhibitions and workshops. We meet in London at a vital moment of paradigm shift of great importance in our biographies. Years later, installed in Majorca, we combined interests and almost without realizing it, Sideral Tendere began to take shape. The seed is sown in a joint exhibition under that name at the Nit del Art 2015 for which, with common inspiration, fascinations and aesthetics, we give shape to a series of artistic objects and images that were very well received by the public. We had begun to be interested in an understanding of cyclical time more in line with nature and also in astrology, we were looking to acquire a visual map that combined the conventional information of a calendar with detailed information on the main planetary movements that occurred in a period of time. . We didn’t find it, it didn’t exist, so responding to our own need to use it, we created it. This was our first product, which we keep updating and improving with each new version. Another of our star artifacts is the Astral Agenda, which we carried out in collaboration with the astrologer Marta Lleonart and has been with us since 2020 to organize ourselves creatively, explore the internal space and generate our own reality in these master years. Now we are excited about the new projects, this year we have incorporated Luna’s astral collages with which to connect with the creative energy of the twelve archetypes of Being according to astrology and Olga’s Cuaderno de Adentros, which we like to refer to as “a internal exploration laboratory”… and others that we are developing and that will soon see the light! What we offer is entirely designed and manufactured in Mallorca: local production and km0, with natural materials. We are lovers of quality paper, its touch and its textures and we attach great importance to the finishes.


LUNAPEREZVISAIRAS.NET | @lunaperezvisairas

Not so long ago I invented a kind life on this blue island. I have found, in techniques such as photography, illustration and collage, a way to express the beauty that assails me in the interior and exterior worlds that I transit; and in astrology and symbolic languages, inspiration to signify what happens to me and live it in my favor. The mystery of the path fascinates me. I hope this agenda accompanies you as a call to enchant with the invisible, the subtle, the enigma; and be a map for the encounter with its own rhythm, which is none other than the rhythm to which the Universe dances.

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I admit my obsession with order and beautiful shapes and my passion for everything that underlies the tangible – from evolutionary processes to conscious leaps and interdimensional flows. My vocation is to design internally tuned objects with which to sail the seas that permeate consciousness. I love creating paper spaces where we can do alchemy with our thoughts and turn those ideas that slow us down and make us suffer into keys that open doors. May it be so, that with this agenda you open your doors and broaden life, that you give us what you have and thus, together, we light up this New Earth.