Biodynamic wine from Mallorca – Bodega Can Feliu, the only Demeter certified, organic wine cellar in Mallorca

Biodynamic, organic wine from Mallorca – Bodega Can Feliu

Bio-dynamic and organic wine from Mallorca – the wine cellar Bodega Can Feliu is the only wine cellar in Mallorca certified by Demeter, the largest certification organization for bio-dynamic agriculture. This means, they are bound to very strict standards in production and processing of their wines. Thus, on this little finca in the heart of Mallorca, very high quality wines are being produced.
A beautiful rural hotel is also part of the finca Can Feliu. The bio-dynamic organic olive oils that are produced here are of an equally outstanding quality as their wines.

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Organic wine from Mallorca with Demeter certification

Carlos Feliu, a studied agricultural engineer with a master in oenology, took over the finca from his parents in 1999. He decided to revive the vineyards that had been part of the finca over 100 years ago and had lain barren ever since. Right from the start, he decided to produce the best quality wine possible. He decided that to obtain grapes that would serve his high standard, he would follow the rules of sustainable, bio-dynamic agriculture. In that same spirit, the wine-making process is conducted cleanly without the addition of yeast or the use of animal gelatin. Thus, the products of the bodega Can Feliu obtained the title “organic” in the year 2004 and the Demeter certification in the year 2010.

Soon he was working so much that his brother Xavi had to step in and help him out. Today, Carlos mainly takes care of the agricultural side of the finca with its vineyards and olive trees, while Xavi is in charge of running the finca hotel.

Their effort has not been in vain: the different wines, red as well as white, have obtained various awards of excellency. The most recent award went to their Alè de Cabernet Sauvignon 2017, that won the gold medal at the Concours Mondial de Bruxelles 2019.

Organic wine tastings and guided wine tours in the Finca Can Feliu

When participating in a guided wine tour or a wine tasting in the Finca Can Feliu, you can not but notice the attention to detail and the effort that is put into the wine. The guided tours are led by Carlos, who explains the specialties of sustainable, bio-dynamic agriculture and wine-making process. You can tell how much he loves what he is doing. His first goal is not to sell his wine, but to share his knowledge and to make sure that everybody understands his wines and experiences the full flavor of each of them. You will get to taste different varietals, cuvées and barriques as well as the difference between a wine aged in an oak barrel and a wine aged in a ceramic barrel.
Of course you can buy you favorite wine at the end of the tour and the wine tasting in the small shop that is located next to the wine tasting venue.

Every Friday, a Wine&Grill event is being held in the finca hotel. After a guided tour through the cellars, you will participate in a wine tasting of the bio-dynamic wines made in the finca Can Feliu. To round things off, an unforgettable barbecue buffet is offered on one of the big terraces overlooking the vineyards and the sunset over the Tramuntana Mountains.

Become a winemaker – create a barrel of your personal organic wine

One more speciality at the vineyard Can Feliu is that you can create your own organic, Demeter quality wine here. You are in charge of determining the desired cuvée. Carlos is there to help and advise if needed, but the ultimate decision lies with you. Or as he puts it: the client creates the wine, he only provides the tools that are necessary. Even if he himself would take a different route, the taste of the client is the crucial element.
Basically, you buy a barrel of your preferred material. You chose the variety of the grapes and the percentage in which they are mixed as well as all other components of the fermentation process. Your barrel stays under the loving care of Carlos at the finca until the fermentation has concluded. Just knowing that you are the proud owner of your very own barrel of wine in Mallorca should warm your heart on cold winter days at home.
And when you travel to the final wine tasting of your personal wine, you will feel like an authentic mallorcan winemaker. Once you have given your Ok, the wine is bottled. As a final touch, you can design your very own label to go on your bottles.

Become a winemaker – start by contacting the Bodega Can Feliu here

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