Coffee Table Book Mallorca Mar i Muntanya

Turquoise blue like the sea and white like sea spray: The artfully designed cover from the illustrated book MALLORCA – MAR i MUNTANYA brings the Mediterranean lifestyle into your home and is therefore a classic coffee table book that can be understood as part of the interior thanks to its unusual title design and large format is. On 264 pages, the editors Antonia and Alexander Feig show a Mallorca far away from tourist hotspots. Poetic and lively pictures tell of the cultural life on the island, ecological agriculture and gentle tourism. You can experience Mediterranean moments of pleasure when you cook the typical island recipes, which can be found in the five chapters of the illustrated book in addition to puristic food photos. The graphic artist Sandra Kubitza illustrated a map of Mallorca by hand especially for this book. The reader can discover numerous buildings and natural beauties like in a picture story and travel around in his own imagination. In terms of text, the map is supplemented with short portraits of the island regions. For the international readership there is a separate chapter at the back of the book with a 25-page translation part in English. The authors focus on the country and its people. During their stay on the island, the photographer couple Feig visited native Mallorcans who represent the new, self-confident Mallorca. The book introduces Maria Solivellas, a pioneer of New Mallorcan cuisine. In her restaurant CA NA TONETA in Caimari, she primarily processes food that is available on the island, true to the sustainably motivated kitchen concept “Kilometer Zero”. Albert Pinya, a young artist from the island’s capital Palma, discusses the political and cultural development of Mallorca in his works. In the middle of the island, the wine rebel Tomeo Llabres has founded his own winery in his hometown Binissalem. Under the label CAN VERDURA he brings the essence of the landscape into the bottle with his wines. The olive oils from SOLIVELLAS are among the best that are produced in the Mediterranean region. Almost all of Mallorca’s top chefs use Pep Solivellas’ liquid gold in their kitchens. The encounters and conversations with the protagonists shape the view of the two photographers Antonia and Alexander Feig on the largest island of the Balearic Islands. MALLORCA – MAR i MUNTANYA is an illustrated book to decelerate about the other Mallorca, a book about the island of the Mallorcans.

The illustrated book MALLORCA – MAR i MUNTANYA was awarded the German Photo Book Prize 19 | 20 in November 2019. The book is Gold Winner in the Coffee Table Books category. MALLORCA – MAR i MUNTANYA – Pictures | Thoughts | Recipes Published by Büro Wilhelm Verlag, October 2018 24.5 x 30.5 x 3 cm, 264 pages, 183 photographs, hardcover, linen cover, refined by hand with screen printing. Printed in Germany. Available in bookshops for € 98

ISBN 978-3-943242-90-4