Enchanting restaurant – honest country cooking and seasonal dishes

Scenery: At Ca na Toneta, we do what hardly any other restaurants do anymore – our restaurant changes as the seasons change. The scenery is on the table every day of the year. You won’t find eggplant here in winter! Whenever you have lunch or dinner in the foothills of the Serra de Tramuntana in Caimari, you are surrounded by the beauty of the heart of Mallorca. You perceive it with all your senses. The weather and orchards set the pace of ambiance and menu changes. How ironic that something as natural as offering seasonal favorites when ingredients are at their best is now something hard to find.

Craft: Ca na Toneta ‘s kitchen is like a workshop, with hands and fire as its most precious tools. The kitchen is a place we visit with humility and a good mood. We use precise techniques for each individual dish so that it comes out perfectly and a delight for your palate. Each recipe is fueled by dedication, common sense and attention to detail so that what comes to the table is a work of art. Our technique serves taste. Through direct communication with fisherman, locals and trade colleagues we have created honest country cooking with a touch of flair.

Identity: At Ca na Toneta we feel that identity comes from an attachment and affection for the land and one’s roots. We desire to share the flavors and experiences of Mallorca open-heartedly just as you do when you have guests in your home. Maria and Teresa Solivellas set each table with the best of the island from fresh local produce and cooking techniques and recipes inspired by tradition.

Pleasure: In Ca na Toneta flavor doesn’t come down to the dimensions of a plate. Pleasure starts with the journey to Caimari and continues on with wandering around the village, warm greetings from locals, the surprise of an ever-changing menu and a vast selection of wines. Having lunch or dinner at this enchanting restaurant means much more than filling your stomach. If you are visiting the island, come experience the ambiance and flavors of central Mallorca. If you’re a local, come and rediscover your roots through the flavor and landscape. You will experience a relaxed dining experience and be carried away by the magic of the place. Ca na Toneta is savored from the moment you decide to eat and the beneficial effects linger.

Taste: The ultimate aim of Ca na Toneta’s cooking is to provide taste without complicating recipes or mixing ingredients randomly. Our taste is reached by going back to our roots, using native varieties that have fallen into disuse in most other restaurants. Ca na Toneta is a pioneering establishment that captures the essence of a village by using nearly forgotten ingredients. We work closely with producers and cultivate our own vegetable gardens so that everything is fresh.

Commitment: Just as there is more to being a chef than cooking, there is more to being a restaurateur than running a bussiness. We believe that respect for the environment provides the best investment and are devoted to using local products from the sea and land. The wealth of a product does not depend on its market value, but on its nearness, its freshness and its taste.

Memory: Recreating tastes of home cooking is one of Ca Na Toneta’s challenges and goals. For Maria and Teresa Solivellas, the memory of these flavors is a pillar and the rule that guides their sense of taste. Origin and home cooking are at the base of their taste education, and something essential to them as chefs. These are precisely the tastes that, deeply rooted in memory, move their clients who are often surprised and touched when they meet them again after a while. These endearing flavors arise from the collective memory and are delicate yet deep. We are the antithesis of fusion-cuisine.

Food: Allow yourself to be swept away! Every trip to Ca Na Toneta is eventful because you never know what you will eat! Know that a menu of strictly seasonal Mallorquin food awaits you. We provide a well balanced menu based on a Mediterranean diet with no deficiencies, that unfolds in 6 courses: two starters (appetizer and soup), a “coca” (kind of focaccia), fish and meat dishes and dessert. Soup, which is often left out in restaurants, is not missing here and vegetables recover the prominence they used to have in the healthy islanders’ diet. Our coherent menu seeks harmony and is inspired by our ancestor’s eating habits.

Horitzó, 21 07314 Caimari, Mallorca