Casa Balandra / spend your holiday in an artists home

Balandra is a culture. Inspired by Mediterranean roots and flourishing in a global environment, it aims to embody “la buena vida” way of life; slow, indulgent and simple. It incites the Balandra community to dive into experiencing life in a way that accentuates the simple pleasures. Balandra is a product of the nomadic way in which we live today, melting together elements of cultures worldwide and allowing us to define ourselves as citizens of the world.

A concept held up by three main pillars:
Food, Collaboration and Conviviality. Casa Balandra aims to be a platform for collaboration between creatives, involving passionate people in the field of cooking, art and design, resulting in a space, carefully curated by a diverse community. At Casa Balandra we want every moment of your day to be magical. The house has been filled with vintage pieces, local trinkets found at the markets and random objects and art collected along the years and travels. We have created many areas around the garden where you can enjoy your glass of wine, ‘aperitivo’ or morning coffee. We encourage you to explore and make the house your home during your stay. While at Casa Balandra, we want you to take the time to make things special
and share moments with the people around you that are unique. Leave the doors open during the day, let the summer air enter the house, lounge by the pool, cook large family meals, play your favourite music throughout the house, light many candles and let them take you into the Mallorquin summer nights.

La Casa offers 5 bedrooms, 4 en suite,
4 double beds that can be separated into singles, 1 queen bed

Large living room with Italian marble fireplace
Large fully equipped kitchen
Lounging room off of kitchen
Outdoor dining room
Roof terrace with wood fired oven
Swimming pool, indoor courtyard, large garden and back lawn Art studio
On site management & experience hosts (upon request)

Situated in a town South-West of the island, the location is remote and unexploited by tourism. Casa Balandra is the home two of the founders grew up in and where Balandra’s story began. Venturing into town for the morning coffee, walking through the farmers markets, going on walks through the countryside, knowing your local grocers name and family, this is all part of living in Portol. A local Mallorquin town for a truly local experience. A story told first hand from the people who lived it. Throughout your stay with us, it is our pleasure to make sure you have all the tools needed to live ‘La Buena Vida’ and embrace the rhythm of ‘la isla’, which is why we offer our guests the opportunity to book added experiences throughout their stay that will be curated by the Balandra team, ensuring each and every experience is unique.