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eco cirer ecocirer hotel art sustainable organic conscioustraveler natural biodiversity diversity environment nature authentic buylocal crueltyfree foodforthought handcraft healthyfood healthy islandlife local mallorquin mallorca natural traditional tradition countrylife sustainable respectful quality welfare giveback soller serradetramuntana

The simplicity and power of nature in a luxurious hotel

Our conscious stories

Taking action

Ecocirer is a pioneer in offering a responsible way of traveling, incorporating the concepts of art, design, sustainability, ecology, recycling and healthy nutrition. We invite you to experience the simplicity and power of nature in a luxurious setting.

What we believe

We believe in taking conscious actions about our future, the future of our children and our planet. All our decisions are based on care for nature, animals and people, participating actively in the conservation of the environment. Ecocirer is a lifestyle committed to the conservation of our Earth while exploring the beautiful Tramuntana region, its flora and fauna. Now is the time to give more to our planet and take less, thus minimizing the impact and damage to our Earth. Our sustainable initiative comes in many forms. From the eco-design and recycling to the vegetables in our kitchen, we consciously search for a way to leave a positive legacy of our actions.
We hope our work can be inspiring and will enrich your stay. Thank you for your support.

Barbara and Martijn.

A home with life

Every element of our home is 100% recycled. Every piece is the result of a long process of research, restoration and creativity, carried out with love and care. We have been collecting and transforming old and abandoned things, adapting them into a new life, while keeping the soul of the past. Quality is our ultimate goal and we offer a memorable experience of maximum comfort with the restored elements and creative installations in a compatibly ecological space.

Conserve resources

We offer you high quality beds. Linen and towels are 100% organic cotton, specially chosen to give you a comfortable and peaceful nights rest. We all need water and energy. Following our ecologic concept we prefer to launder linen and towels every three days during your stay. We encourage people to save water and not to waste energy. Your help in achieving this is greatly appreciated. If you would like to have your bed linen and towels changed more frequently, please hang the linen card on the outside of your door. We give you the choice. You make the decision.

Natural and local products

Made from local and ecologically based ingredients with no animal testing involved, our cosmetics are environmentally friendly, a holistic treat in 100% sustainable bottles. The aroma is a therapy in itself. Clementines, orange blossom and orange leaves. A journey through the famous Valley of the Oranges of Soller and a natural treat of the Tramuntana region.

From the ground to the plate

Every breakfast is an inspired result of planting, growing and homemade cooking. We love to eat healthy! We nourish our body with biologic products. We support the local farmers who do not alter the raw material with chemical fertilizers and pesticides, or pollute the soil, water and air. We are nature lovers. We respect the cycles of Earth and the natural ingredients of each season. Our breakfasts are based on the fruits that have grown from seeds in our garden and the fresh ingredients found in the local market. We shop with our baskets thus avoiding the use of unnecessary plastics and packaging. Each day is a new start full of the opportunity to be more conscious, to be more grateful and to feel healthier and happier…content with the simple things. A new day deserves a moment for you, for them, for us. A splash of color and a carefully designed breakfast will improve your sense of well being and leave you feeling fabulous. It’s not a radical belief, it’s a balanced philosophy and a lifestyle to follow as much as possible – good morning!

The consciousness of our guests

Ecocirer concept could not be possible without you, our guest. By choosing us, you are helping us to make a difference on our island and developing a better tourism. 50% of any gratuities you may like to leave will be donated to preserve the mountains of the Tramuntana world heritage area of Mallorca and to keep our blue sea blue. With your stay, you are sharing love for our planet. Contributing to a more environmentally conscious and sustainable world.


Sharing ideas

Yes, it is possible. To enjoy maximum comfort with restored elements.
Yes, it is possible. To be surrounded by design in a compatibly ecological space.

Since I was a boy…

Making and repairing things was my passion. Now I put everything I learned into our project. Finally we are creating and making our dreams reality. Building a new space where to feel at home and be inspired.

Since I was a girl…

I had a dream. Getting lost in second hand markets, restoring and experimenting with healthy food. Step by step I follow my passion, bringing all the ideas together and creating a concept where to feel good, free and creative.

Reduce. Reuse. Reinvent. Recycle.

What do we mean?

Reduce. Managing an effective way not to produce waste, means less energy needed and disruption to the ecosystem.

Reuse. Using many times as possible a product in his original form.

Reinvent. Promoting ideas to create new and useful things from recyclable objects and materials.

Recycle. Thinking again about how to save a good portion of the trash. Research, repair, restore and transform old things into new or different products.

What can we do with all this rubbish?

We all know happiness can´t be bought in a store.
This truth can change the way we spend our hours, our energy and our money. Live with less. Control the impuls of throwing out something that still has value. It is the recognition of this value what will create a change, and this change will make a difference.


Ecocirer finds an harmonic relationship between buildings and life, a natural interaction between man-made structures and the health of the environment. Bau-Biologie advocates buildings that contribute to the health of spirit, mind and body and have a low impact on the environment.
A natural home that nurtures ecology and well-being. A joy of healthy vacations.


Ecocirer designes products with special consideration for the impacts that the products have in our environment. We are responsable and we understand our ecological foodprint on the planet. It is now an imperative to care about and a Green awareness for all of us. Ecocirer is a new environmentally friendly building solution, that lead to a reduction in the consumption of materials and energy. Please have a look at some of our creations.

Breakfast corner

An old 1900 wooden door is transformed into a large table where you can enjoy a healthy breakfast. The same doors that were welcoming us inside this building.
Heavy parabolic bases and heater expansion tanks are combined with laborious stuccowork and selection of colored pigments. Huge innovative and natural art pieces give life and movement to the static elements. So, the heaviness becomes delicate and everything makes sense. Giving way to the fusion of past and future, creating a delicious present.

Please, take a seat

Chairs with a different nationality, gathered in second-hand shops, markets and private houses.
Restoring by highlighting their naturalness or covering them completely in elastics and samples of fabric, creating a new design and a totally modern look.
Samples of fabric of Fanny Aronsen, a Swedish textile and product designer who created a unique and influential body of work, are used to make all the cushions of the hall and garden.

Sustainable products of high quality


Much of the interior lighting is the result of Ecocirer’s own designs.
The own imagination together with second hand products and old tulips of the house, result in new innovation and the creation of lights, adapted now to LED bulbs.

Headboard covers

Since the motors were turned off, the scraps of fabric remained inside the only Sóller textile factory that remains standing. An industrial gem of the twentieth century.
These phantom fabrics from the industrial past of Sóller, recover life and are now covered heads combined with famous brands of high quality bed, such as Mille Notti.


A new home where you can be you.
Where your senses can be nourished.
Where the art is everywhere.


Tramuntana World Heritage

Travel different and have a positive impact wherever you go.
The diversity of our world unites us, and gives us the chance to explore, engage and experience. The respect for our world will improve your travel experience. No matter where you travel. A busy city or a quiet valley. You will increase your travel experience and gain, as well,  the respect of the community. We hope these basic steps will make your travel more rewarding and gratifying, for you and for the place you are visiting.

Thank you,

Barbara & Martijn