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Ecologic Cosmetics – natural cosmetics from Mallorca, organic and sustainable

Ecologic Cosmetics Mallorca is an exciting family project born in the Mediterranean island of Mallorca in 1993, pioneered by Linda Nicolau and now conducted by her daughter, Alexandra Nicolau. This entrepeneurial team of two have always understood the importance of using environmentally conscious products, and firmly believe in the positive effects of efficient, natural cosmetics and organic skincare.

– ECOLOGIC COSMETICS | Discover the Difference –

What is Ecologic Cosmetic Mallorca? Ecological cosmetics care & help improve your skin with natural, respectful and organic ingredients, whilst protecting the environment. Eco ingredients avoid the use of pesticides and chemical fertilizers that can seep into the ground. Use of nearby suppliers help support local economies and reduce carbon footprint * The best ecological cosmetics also ensure they make an optimum use of natural resources, where product development is combined with intelligent use of recycled packaging and sustainable practices to create the ultimate ethical and organic cosmetics.


Mediterranean Beauty – Quality Natural Cosmetics – Organic, Eco-Certified Ingredients
Sustainable Packaging: 100% Recycled & Reusable
  • The Ecologic by Linda Nicolau brand consists of the best quality organic cosmetics and natural facial and body products.

  • Our ecological cosmetics are manufactured combining traditional techniques with state-of-the-art technology and high quality, carefully selected ingredients, which provide the skin with non-invasive, progressive, effective and lasting results.

  • We control the consumption of electricity, water and waste throughout our company and re-use paper, boxes and recycle everything we can.

  • We try to use local products and services, whenever possible, to help reduce the carbon footprint* of our sustainable cosmetics

  • Our products are not tested on animals. You can also check out our VEGAN products here.

Reusable & Recycled Sustainable Packaging

  • We are pioneers in the world of cosmetics in using 100% RECYCLED, post-consumer, lightweight, plastic packaging

  • Our bottles are manufactured in our corporate colour to protect our natural ingredients from UV rays; you don’t need a box!

  • When possible we use glass jars, as they can be easily recycled

  • All paper and cardboard is 100% RECYCLED, FSC certified, made with wind energy

  • All printing is carried out on sustainable or recycled paper using vegetable based ink

  • Our recycled and compostable boxes (used only in products that require protection), are manufactured as “tube-shaped” cylinders that can be turned into atractive vintage-style containers to use at home. All you have to do is remove the outer, colour label and, voilà!

Calle Santa Margalida, 7, Sa Torre, Mallorca

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