Es Raco d’Arta a holistic retreat inspired by the silence of nature


natural – authentic – respectful

Es Raco d’Artà is a living dream of two friends, Antoni Esteva and Jaume Danus and their families. The old ‘finca’ dating back to the 13th century has passed through different families over generations. They have all been closely connected to the land and dedicated to agriculture. In the 1960s when tourism got a foothold on the island, many of the old fincas were abandoned for new tourism projects, and this was also the case for Es Racó.

Unearthing the abandoned finca awakened a dream in Antoni and Jaume; a dream of returning to its origins, restoring the finca and bringing back alive the long-lost Mallorca they knew from childhood; a Mallorca where nature, architecture, culture and gastronomy were deeply rooted and intertwined in everyday life.

Es Raco d’Artà is a reflection of exactly that; the genuine Mallorca, long before tourism was imprinted on the island. The finca is delicately designed by Antoni himself, who is an esteemed architect and the construction was carried out by the talented builder himself, Jaume. Together the two friends have created an oasis of peace and tranquillity. The lead theme throughout is sustainability and respect for nature. All materials that Jaume and Toni have used are completely natural and recycled. Energy is generated either through solar panels or by the geothermal system. Es Raco d’Artà is a place where nature prevails over humanity. It is a place that has transformed over time, whilst maintaining its essence.


connected – creative – peaceful – joyous

Nestled in the LLevant Natural Park in a serene valley, protected by the mountains and only a stone’s throw from the picturesque village of Artà and the turquoise Mediterranean Sea, Es Raco provides a peaceful nest for the exploration of our interconnectedness with nature, conscious living and holistic wellbeing.

The architecture of Es Raco embraces the natural elements of the land, and in doing so it invites each one of its visitors to connect deeply within; within our own natural landscape of feelings, sensations and emotions. Offering a variety of different experiences, guided by accomplished practitioners, Es Raco d’Artà combines natural beauty and unspoiled nature with a palate of sights, sounds, tastes, aromas and textures, inviting you to connect through all your senses while embodying the healing experience of being natural.

Life in Es Raco is informal and relaxed with a heart-felt approach to everything we do. We give space to authenticity rather than pretence, and we seek to understand rather than to judge. Connecting with nature allows us to feel the elements of the earth and show us ways of finding peace, healing, and inspiration within. Through mindful living we invite you to sense the connection between the buildings protecting us, nature surrounding us, and our patterns of thought, speech, and action. We invite you to explore and engage in our daily practices and workshops to deepen your presence, awareness, harmony, and happiness. We encourage you to engage our living spaces as vessels for awakening and presencing what is.

Es Raco welcomes everyone with interest and curiosity in understanding the nature of self and society. Come to explore, experience, discover, feel and express through art, movement, silence, meditation, reflection and rich conversations. We welcome you to join our community devoted to cultivating the human potential that exists within all of us. We invite you to rest your mind, open your heart, nurture your body and let spirit guide you. Allow yourself to exhale deeply, connect with the power and wonder within, and simply explore what is in the present moment.


explore the mystery of being human – the path of self-discovery – unlocking human potential – discovering your soul purpose – transforming your life

Authenticity is the guiding principle behind every offering and experience at Es Raco. More than just give back some of what contemporary life seems to take away; we would like to introduce a different perspective, a different way of being that may help to reconnect with the healer and visionary we all have within. Our wish is for you to find your path of self-discovery and from there explore your fullest potential.

We offer seven different paths, all with a holistic approach to life, and each with a slightly different flavour. Each path is an invitation to being in the present moment, to discover what really is; what is authentic and what is real. Nature is an ever-present part of the experience, and we invite you to listen to her, let her symphony of silence nourish, nurture and guide you. Let your journey be genuine, sincere and playful. Let life itself astonish and enrich you. Life is not a problem to be solved, but a mystery to be lived. Until we find ourselves, we will always be someone else. Don ́t be a copy – discover yourself and live your soul purpose.

We believe that when the individual change so does the world because the world is made of individuals. As human beings we have the power within to shift the paradigm from stress and survival to health and vitality. The key to a buoyant and fulfilling life resides within all of us. To unlock human potential and to be free does not come from changing or fixing the world, but from seeing the world for what it is and starting to heal ourselves in the midst of it. We wish for you a life enriching experience here at Es Raco.



interconnectedness – harmonious – organic

The finca stretches over 185 hectare of natural land including beautiful mountains and forests of oak trees, wild olive trees, carob, pines and the odd cypress. The farmed land is home to our 14-hectare ecological vineyard, some 1200 olive trees, 200 different fruit trees, a field of indigenous xeixa, our 2000 m2 organic vegetable garden and the aromatic herbal garden. We produce our own olive oil and organic xeixa flour. Adding to that we also engage in beekeeping, which means you will have fresh honey for breakfast.

It goes without saying that everything is ecological, we do not apply anything to the land which did not come out of her, our farm is natural and ecological. We believe in cycles and balance of giving and receiving and therefore we have a recycling plan that helps us give back to the earth part of what it gives us.


healthy – balanced – seasonal – generous

We feel love and respect for our land and we express it in many ways, one way being through the food we serve. Our dishes are full of love and tradition to nourish us, move us and give us balance. Our gastronomy is seasonal and based on the produce from our garden as well as from local organic produce available from neighbouring fincas on the island. Here at Es Racó sitting down for a meal is a joyous moment to celebrate our interconnectedness and appreciate the colourful palate the land provides us with.


slowing down – being rather than doing – feeling – connecting

Es Raco d’Arta is not a hotel, but a destination for transformation. A place to be inspired by genuine Mallorquin life. A place to allow for the real and authentic to shine through. Visiting Es Racó is not a tale about ‘checking out’. It is about ‘checking in’, with self and with others; leaning in, deepen, returning to the body, to our senses, to our humanness, fully embodying life here on earth.


deep – restorative – rewiring

We have 34 rooms distributed as follows:
Sa Posessió: 8 suites of approx. 45 m sq with patio and/or individual terrace.

Casitas: 21‘cottages’ of approx. 115m sq with private terrace and 5 of them with private swimming pool.

Sa Meva Casa: 2 bedroom-house with en-suite bathrooms, living room, private terrace and pool.

Sa Finqueta: 3 bedroom-house with en-suit bathrooms, kitchen, living room, private terraces and swimming pool.


discovering – exploring – relaxing – presencing

Consultations: nutrition advice, transformational guidance, lifestyle consultations, stress relief and mindfulness practices

Happenings: conscious hikes, adventures hikes, mountain biking, horseback riding, nearby golf courses and beautiful beaches, picnics under the oak trees

Meditation room: meditation and breathwork every morning

Organic garden: fruit tree plantation, vegetable garden, aromatic herb garden, olive oil production, honey bee farming, xeixa field

Restaurant: breakfast, lunch, dinner, healthy snacks and room service

Salus Per Aquam: 5 treatment rooms, indoor swimming pool, sauna, steam room, contrast bath therapy, watsu and a wide range of treatments

Swimming pools: indoor & outdoor infinite pool

Workshop: artisan workshops, art classes, cooking classes, honey tastings, olive oil tastings, medicinal plants and herbal remedies workshops and more

Yoga shala: yoga and mindful movement classes daily.