Españolita Retreats – revealing the magic of Spain


“Españolita is my love letter to Spain…”


Carmen Ruiz de Huidobro was born and raised in Madrid. After graduating from an international Business degree she studied at Parsons School of Design in New York. Throughout the years Carmen worked as an assistant art director and set designer on films, music videos and commercials. After settling in Los Angeles in 2008, her travel experiences and starting a family made her long for a closer interaction with her heritage, so she created a platform to house her vision. With Españolita she expresses a unique sense of “Spanishness” through food, artisans, and soulful places, inviting others on her own journeys of discovery.

“I am developing a project honoring Spain’s heritage through culinary wealth and artisanal culture. It is called Españolita and it mainly takes the shape of retreats, experiences and gatherings. This concept basically permeates everything I do, the information I put out there, or the interviews I write on specific makers and the studios I visit, but beyond work, is the way I live too and how I raise my children.
In a world of oversharing, I would like to take the position of inspiring others to find their own version when traveling throughout Spain, rather than telling people what to do. Espanolita allows me to connect with a very diverse clientele with similar interests whose sensibilities align with mine.
I come from art direction in films, so creating the perfect setting for the experience or retreat is a real important part of what I do. Starting in Mallorca made sense to me because I have a profound respect for this land, and I would like my work to be homage to this magical place and its rich culture. Then.. the rest of Spain and where I feel connected to.”