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Flower shop and sustainable design store in Palma – Amancay Rural Hands

Our flower shop and design store in Palma, AMANCAY, has been born out of our history and the values that we both share, thanks to our families, our roots and our places.

In a world with an abundance of material things, every day more ephemeral, we believe in the importance of reevaluating our daily lifestyle, starting in our own home.

To look after flowers, cut wood, the aromas of grandmother´s recipes, having coffee and a good talk with our parents. Friendship that turn into brotherhood, the happy greetings of our animals as we return home, go to sleep and wake up together every day, our labour that makes us so happy and that we would like to share.

In our flower shop and design store in Palma, we carefully select objects that adapt to our way of life and that we believe symbolise our proposal. Traditional, functional, beautiful and durable items. We search for things that will accompany us for ever, that our parents have already been using and that hopefully will find a place in the memories of our children.

We have proposed to ourselves to further the valor of  traditional craftsmenship, the mediterranean customs, the care for our planet and the search for a circular economy, authentic and fair. We are leading a life everyday more conscious and this we want to share with you from our little corner of the world to achieve a more sustainable future.

Our flower shop and design store in Palma is a project, where, above all, we share our love for rural life, for the simplicity of everyday and authentic things and the awareness that the small moments, luckily, are all that matters.

In AMANCAY Rural Hands you will find us – Sofi y Tomy – as well as a selection of whatever captivates our minds. Most of all, dried flowers. Wreaths, floral garlands, big, medium and small bouquets. We adapt to whatever you like best!

Mixed with a little bit of everything, but always artisanal, natural and local products: Kitchen utensils and home decoration made out of olive wood, recycled glas and recuperated natural fibres, painted with sustainable colours, local ecological cosmetics, candles made of vegetal or flower wax. Mohair and Merino wool blankets and scarfs, handmade by Spanish families who have successfully dedicated themselves to this art for generations. Books that suggest a more tranquil lifestyle to adults and children and that help us remember the importance of nature in our lives, handmade jewelery…and more flowers!

We hope that taking AMANCAY home, or as a gift to somebody, you give your heart, just as the legend suggests. The love, that the community of artisans and ourselves put into our work every day.

Costa d’en Brossa 5, E-07001 Palma de Mallorca

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