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Lifestyle Products – Formenteraguamarina

Formenteraguamarina is an online shop that offers a selection of lifestyle products based on an idyllic holiday. A space that is left to embrace by the sea breeze and is lost among the waves, a digital habitat in which to discover and buy products under the same thread; the pleasure of losing oneself in one place. Each piece of clothing, each jewel, accessory and complement are here because they make up our identity. All the brands are and will be selected always looking for quality and uniqueness. Among them there are and there will be limited productions and noble materials; character, respect and love for craftsmanship. With delicacy, we have chosen articles so that each of them is also a great and captivating journey. The sea, saltpeter and life. The sunrise, the sunset and the horizon. The identity of formenteramarina part of the sunset on the islands, from the moment when the pink sun begins to submerge in the Mediterranean; that rose that begins to dye the sky and the sea is what has conquered us to represent our symbolism.

Dolores Luque knows that paradise exists, because she was born in it. She knows it as the palm of her hand; she knows by heart its roads and corners. In the small map of that magical place that is Formentera, she spent half her life. All the memories of her childhood and adolescence are tinged with this intense and luminous aquamarine blue. They have marked her life, her identity and her passion. It all started with a blog, back in 2008, when there was still no Instagram or Pinterest and we were unexperienced in social networks. Since leaving the island to complete her studies, Dolores missed it so much that she decided to unite it with her other great passion: fashion. The need to develop her creative part focused on her digital log. With her blog dedicated to fashion and lifestyle, she became one of the pioneers in Spain; she managed to carve out her place to become a reference and count on the support and interest of numerous prestigious publications on the national scene. Formentera, always, is her great inspiration: to return to the beach of Migjorn, to her house in La Mola; to eat freshly picked apricots; to eat her mother’s paella with her family; to see her children and nephews sink their faces in a huge slice of watermelon while the wind blows thin on the shore of that aquamarine sea … Someone who has known that paradise, can not settle for less. All that passion, all that energy and dedication, Dolores wants to share with all those who want to accompany her in this new stage that starts with Formenteraguamarina Shop. And that everything you´ll find here is a great start for your travels.

C/San Jaime, 7 Palma de Mallorca C.P. 07012

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