The ISLAND Life of Grace Berrow private Chef in the Tramuntana, Mallorca
Dear Grace, what does Mallorca mean to you?
Mallorca means home to me, a little floating Eden that I have been lucky enough to end up living. It means mountains and cala’s and an ever changing rainbow of wild flowers and fruit.
What inspires you here?
Nature, nature, nature I still cant believe that I live somewhere where mangos and kiwis and oranges grow, a land with a constant bounty of avocados hanging heavy on the trees and mountains littered in carefully tended olive trees. That is all the inspiration I could ever need.
Where can we taste your creations?
At the moment I am making lunchboxes every week day to collect in Palma or Soller, its sooooo much fun and gives me an excuse to go to market and buy all the seasonal goodies I find + make trips to the beautiful garden/ farm that is Circle Carbon to fill my little car with green bounty. I hope to cook lots of beautiful pop ups and private events over the next few months as well as cooking for yoga retreats and collaborations with friends.
Patiki, will there be a next season 2023?
Yes Patiki will be opening her doors again next year but I have stepped away from the kitchen.
What are your favourite places on the island?
My favourite places are anywhere with wide open water and wonky rocks to sit on. The cost between Soller and Deia is incredibly beautiful in winter and Summer but Im also a huge fan of the mountains and climbing high above the valley of Soller in the winter sun is very hard to beat.

What places would you recommend friends that visit the island? 

I always recommend friends to go and visit Bar la Sang for beautiful food and wicked natural wine with Lukas & Trea. Its as close to perfect as you could wish for, cosy & cool, like your best pal’s sitting room that happens to furnish you with all the gustatory goodies you could ask for. Also not to mis is CAV Vins run by Lauren and Charlie, its a wicked wine shop selling all you could ever need, plus it has wine, beer and vermouth on tap to sit at their little tables or in the sun outside and have a drink and a chat with Charlie. They do wine tasting evenings too for groups of friends….they are pretty ace!

Island Ices in Soller is a little haven of world class ice cream and natural wines. Winter or Summer its worth a pilgrimage from any corner of the island.
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