Your alternative guide to Mallorca – local, sustainable and healthy

Welcome to Mallorcalma. In this alternative guide to Mallorca we compile our favorites on the beautiful island of Mallorca that are both surprising and fascinating to visitors as they are to residents. Discover all the beautiful, rare, local, holistic, healthy, sustainable and magnificent spots on Mallorca. Places to go, things to see and do that lay hidden off the beaten paths. Eco-friendly fincas, healthy food, holistic experiences, sustainable products and interesting people that are deeply connected to this island. Although we have been living on the island of Mallorca for many years, we still discover new places and meet intriguing people every day. We hope our recommendations help make your stay on Mallorca a unique experience. Explore some of the most alluring and memorable places on the island and take home unforgettable impressions as well as unique local products and gifts from your stay on Mallorca.  Enjoy the soul and calmness of the island! – Mira & Lily

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