Tips for holidays on Mallorca – holistic, sustainable and healthy vacations

Welcome to Mallorcalma.
Our tips for holidays on the beautiful island of Mallorca are as surprising and interesting to visitors as they are to permanent residents. So, no matter if you are just here for holidays or if you are living on Mallorca, we would like to share with you all the beautiful, rare, holistic and sustainable spots of Mallorca. Things to do and see that lay hidden beyond the beaten paths of typical holidays on Mallorca. Eco-friendly products and people concerned about the environment. And generally things that you would not necessarily plan to do or see in your holidays on Mallorca.

We have been living on the island of Mallorca for quite some time now, yet we still discover new places and get to know new and interesting people every day.

With our tips we hope to make your holidays on Mallorca a unique experience. We hope that you get to explore all the beautiful and special places of the island with as much enthusiasm as we do every day. Hopefully, through our tips, you get to take home many beautiful impressions and experiences from your holidays on Mallorca.

– Lily & Mira

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