Jivamukti Yoga Retreat X Rebeca Recatero Son Rullan Mallorca, fall 2021


Son Rullan, an old Mallorcan finca dating back to the year 1200. In its 800 years it has been a home and a monastery, a farmhouse for the cultivation of olive trees and a shelter for countless sheep. Located between the Mediterranean Sea and the mountains of the Serra de Tramuntana, UNESCO world heritage, with a charming garden and magical views, a lot of peace and calm we were lucky to share a few days of retreat @jivamuktiyoga with @rebecarecatero
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Finca Son Rullan Mallorca @sonrullanmallorca

Every day we make thousands of decisions and they can be towards the good for all beings. The healthy and plant-based diet not only nourishes us and makes us feel good, it also contributes to the well-being of all beings, since we cause less suffering by choosing vegan options, we try to eat local and seasonal, supporting the farmers and small businesses on the island, people who are committed to cultivating in a sustainable and ecological way, working with nature and the earth and not against it, we try to buy without plastic and in bulk, we recycle and compost, we use all the parts of the plants and also those that do not comply with the regulations, we drink water from the source and not bottled, we share instead of wanting more than we really need, we do intermediate fasts so that our system can rest …, activism begins in your plate, together we can change the world, if slaughterhouses and farms had glass walls, if we truly saw and looked, smelled and felt…, we know what is happening, we know that all beings have the same feelings as us and that everyone wants to be free and happy, and that the suffering and pain that we cause to others, in the end we cause ourselves…. Thank you for reminding us REBECA RECATERO once again, for guiding us, inspiring us, teaching us to be more compassionate towards ourselves and towards others
Vegan sweets by @mamacarmenpalma
Teas, tonics and mylks @wunderworkshop