Life Coach Majorca – Life Coaching with horses

coaching with horses on mallorca Mona El Mansouri
coaching with horses on mallorca Mona El Mansouri

Life Coach Majorca – Mona El Mansouri, equine coaching on Majorca

Life Coach Majorca – Mona El Mansouri has been a successful commercial director for the past 20 years. Now, she has decided that it is time to not only help actors and actresses find the right words and the best stance, but to share her wisdom with everybody who needs a push in the right direction. So she joined her love for communication with her love for horses and became the first life coach on Majorca to incorporate horses in her training.
She offers life coaching with horses for people who are looking for a new beginning, who want to perform better in the business world or in private life or who just have one specific problem that they want to resolve and can´t find the way to do so.

What makes Monas coachings special, are of course, the horses. In cooperation with the lovely finca hotel Finca Caballo Blanco she offers equine coaching. In this special coaching method, the life coach shows you your potential and your inner strength with the help of the horses.
The goal is to help people find themselves and the interaction with the horse helps immensely to speed that process along, results are obtained much faster than with other coaching methods. Many people experience a significant change after just one coaching session.

Working with these wonderful animals under the bright blue skies of Majorca is a truly unique experience and no prior experience with horses is needed. You interact with the animals without mounting them and Mona is always on your side to help you get acquainted with your coaching partner, the horse. Even people who had been afraid of horses are surprised about the hidden inner forces the work with the animal reveals in themselves.

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