Carob products from Mallorca – Es Garrover de Mallorca
organic carrob products like syrup, gum, cream and flour from Mallorca

Exclusive organic carob products from Mallorca

The Origin

Es Garrover the Mallorca is a family business founded by Juana Verger. It was her grandfather Juan Martín, a great visionary who discovered early the magic of the carob some 70 years ago. Since then the family has been trading under the name of “Productos Martin”, based in Llucmajor, Mallorca.

“Our experience and specialization in Carob from Mallorca strengthen our values. Beginning at the producers, stimulating growth in the ecological agricultural sector, the ethical and sustainable perseverance of our island and the necessity to promote the care and protection of our landscape and traditions.”
Juana Verger

Organic agriculture in Mallorca

Quoting my father, Sebastián Verger;
“ És Garrover és s´únic arbre que quan li cullen el fruit, ja té el de l´any que ve” – the Carob is the only tree that already has next years´fruit during this years´ harvest.

We stand for a product that is local – certified organic, mediterranean, km-0 …. “ it comes from us”

We amplify the carob´s virtues, for nutrition as for health.

We stimulate or initiate new plantation projects in our islands.

We are investing in innovation and development, yielding growth of our products, quality.

We engage in experimental plantation and research projects around the authochtonos carob varieties in the Balearics.

We are committet to our heritage and the protection of our landscape.

We surround ourselves with local professionals, lovers of the earth.

Our proposition is to transmit to the consumer the essence of our products, our effort, from the individual farmer, the manual collection of the carob beans and its authenticity.

Products Johannis from Es Garrover der Mallorca

We are the leading enterprise of this exclusive line of products prepared from our ecological carob beans from Mallorca.
We stem from a family invested in the carob business for generations. We are delighted in the possibilities of our “Johannis” products that go back to our beginnings, our roots, and transform the way carob is perceived in a modern way.
We emphasise the value to the carob, making it known for the many virtues it has to offer.
We are passionate about our marvellous project and want everyone to share the results of our efforts. Everything is connected, from tourism, industries, agriculture, trade export to synergies with other businesses on the island and gastronomic callobrations.
We support social works, favouring the integration of people with different abilities.
We invite everybody to share our values and achievements.
We realise show cookings, samplings of carob products and retail collaborations.
Our products are appreciated in high cuisine with many prestigious chef employing carob into their recipe repertoire. We are very grateful about the support we receive from these chefs since our initiation in 2015.

We are workers of our land

Photography: Oliver Brenneisen

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