Sta Margalida

Fashion Mallorca – Maison Nu
sustainable mallorcan fashion brand working with local artisans

Sustainable, hand made fashion from Mallorca

We are Victoria and Andreu, a couple from the north of Mallorca.

On our farm we manage our emotional energy creatively and with love, to improve as people, increase the quality of our relationships and respect and care for our world. We call it the art of emotional ecology. It is a way of life, and through this space we want to share it.

Our link with nature and the materials is what characterises our craftsmanship. Each piece we offer is unique, because they are made by hand, some are made by ourselves at home, others by artisan friends, but all have a common denominator: in each piece  the love of someone who enjoys making it is to be found, and that charges the product with an enormous energy.

We bring you closer to the craft, with the double objective of being able to help artisans to survive and thus betting on a more sustainable form of consumption for our world. As all our pieces are unique products, they are not manufactured in a chain and in their prices the effort of each craftsman is justly represented in order to continue producing.

We bet on a #slowlive #slowconsume #slowideas #slowfashion and we want you to do it too, join our community and start the change in yourself.


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