Honey from Mallorca – Melvici
raw local organic honey from Mallorca

The raw Mallorcan honey

Many honeys claim to be from Mallorca, but aren´t – this one could be from your own garden.

Melvici Project is a collaboration of two friends, who are repopulating the bees on the island of Mallorca and producing local honey.

Principally they are devoted to the care of the bees, trying to provide the best conditions for them with an ecological management.
In Mallorca, honey is collected twice a year; in spring and in autumn. Their bees polinate local flora which includes:

Spring: white asphodel (asphodelus albus), orange tree (citrus sinensis), thistle (ptilostemon afer) and oak (quercus ilex).

Autumn: carob tree (ceratonia siliqua) and mediterranean heath (erica multiflora).

Melvici also reproduces queen bees with the purpose of creating more established hives. They carefully select the best local bees to produce honey and repopulate the island in the most environmental-friendly way (hygienic conditions, honey production, agressiveness, resistance, etc).

Genuine Mallorcan honey of the finest quality. The two beekeepers love to share their wealth of experience with you. Maintenance of beehives. Guided visits to the apiaries (for hotels, agrotourisms, colleges, individuals, etc).

Photography: Pau Queralt

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