Beachwear Mallorca – Mylo
handcrafted cotton crochet bikinis made with passion

Crochet Beachwear designed and made in Mallorca

Mylo Beachwear was born in 2016 as a swimwear brand designed by Esperanza Perelló and produced on the island of Mallorca.

Mallorquina by birth, Esperanza comes from a family of artisans who passed the value for handmade products. True to her principles, she wanted to combine that value with the passion she feels for fashion. The result is a Mediterranean brand that focuses on the local work of mallorcan artisans and transmits the essence of the island. All the crochet pieces are handwoven with natural fibers. Only cotton thread of the best quality and the hands do the rest.

The union between the creativity and the handcraft of the artisan make each piece unique. Exclusive pieces, where the imperfection of what is done by hand is turned to value. We make all our products on demand, so only commissioned pieces are produced. This way Mylo contributes to a more sustainable world. Each woman is unique and can find the custommade garment that best suits her. A timeless design that lasts, an ode to craftsmanship, pieces made with passion, dedication and know-how.

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