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well designed products that create stylish reusables - sustainability can look good

Sustainable household items – living without plastic


Viveco is passionate about making sustainable living accessible and honest.  We do the research and ensure that the products we supply deliver what they promise. Nearly every item can be found in our homes (no one had ever better try and take our Beeswrap away!) and we aim to stock functional, well designed products that create stylish reusables. Sustainability can look good!

Viveco is starting small but has BIG ideas. We hope to work with other organisations to create a platform for like minded people who care about the environment to come together and share ideas and tips.

Sometimes the choices and options available can become overwhelming, making small changes regularly quickly add up. Like good health doesn’t come from a fad diet, living sustainably means making conscious choices daily to improve your lifestyle.’s founder, Hannah, travelled the world for many years before settling on the beautiful Island of Mallorca. After working on a boat all over the planet and witnessing first hand the deterioration of the oceans she began to research ways to reduce the impact individual can have. Now, while running a family household, she is passionately changing her ways towards a plastic free lifestyle, one step at a time.

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