Walking Meditation
explore Mallorca with all your senses

Walking meditation Mallorca – an experience to relax

The beauty of Mallorca is it’s diversity right at your doorstep. The buzzing streets of Palma, the quiet villages, the magnificent views from her mountains, the vibrant smell of native plants, white beaches and a blue sea, the extreme difference between summer and winter, a place to go out and enjoy all year round. Mallorca is a place that asks to be explored with all your senses.

Mesmerised by the beauty and diversity I started to invite others on my explorations and this is how walking meditation Mallorca started.

I’ll guide you with my heart, intuition, honesty, and humour on the path towards complete wellbeing. Activating your curiosity for what’s inside and around; the good and the bad; the pleasant and the unpleasant; and your true potential and purpose. I’ll let you experience the power of relaxation by a simple innovative practice of being present.

First we ĺl focus on the rhythm of our breath and bring our breathing back to its most natural form. Next we ĺl start walking and observing our steps and the surfaces we walk on. While being aware of your breath and steps I ĺl guide you to explore your walk, body, feelings, and environment with a fresh curiosity.

Walking meditation mallorca is an experience to relax and truly enjoy the present moment, connect with the-whole-you, release tension and stress, and explore Mallorca with all your senses.

Photography: Lou & Sophie Muuse

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