Essential oils and waters made of Mallorcan plants

About me and Najuana:

“I am Juan Canaves, Mallorquin, herbalist and distiller of wild plants on the Balearic Islands.

In 2007 a sweet commitment with the world of plants began, joining passion with vocation.

Until 2017 I had to combine it with my work at the local police in different places on the island. At the beginning of 2018 Najuana was born, a local business and a personal brand inspired by the Balearic plant “hypericum”. My dear “Estepa Joana”, as she is known on the islands, is an endemic plant with an eccentric aroma that allows us to feel the fire of Mallorca on our skin. Its captivating essence takes us to the island’s mountains, the home where she lives happily in community and communion with the rest of the Mallorcan plants and trees. Her heartbeat brings us back in time, to show us the wild island, where the hearts of plants and men beat to the same rhythm.

In Najuana essential waters and essential oils of wild plants are created and collected by hand in different locations of the Balearic Islands. Each drop of essence is unique. The plants pass from my hands to the stills to be distilled in a traditional way, lovingly attending all the steps of the process, listening and protecting the plant at all times, so that its essence comes alive and pure to our hearts.

The elaboration process is totally artisan, respectful with the environment and seasonal, being wild plants governed by the rhythm of nature. The welfare of the plants and their environment is the main task. Therefore, only the abundant species that give us their permission are distilled.

If you want to know more about the heart of Najuana, you can visit the workshop, located in Sant Joan – Mallorca, where water and essential oils are distilled and created.  

To visit our facilities please contact by email or phone.

Training workshops, trips and experiences are organized to get to know in depth the wild plants. Do not hesitate to ask for more information and do not forget to bring your heart closer to the plants.”