Fashion by Mandum – nomadic spirit

mandum bags mallorca textiles design made in spain
mandum bags mallorca textiles design made in spain

MANDUM is a brand with nomadic spirits and products designed on Mallorca. Inspired by nature, they are fascinated by the diversity of the world.

After over nine years living in Asia and having explored a lot of corners all over the planet they decided to go back to their roots to create a collection that consists of textiles, forms and textures sourced from different cultures with a mediterranean touch.

While living on two continents now their art begins with the draft of an idea and is developed in the collaboration of small local artisans or cooperatives from around the globe. They rely on the use of noble materials an a small scale production to ensure unity and a higher value of the product.

In their creative process they incorporate everything that attracts them on their ways through the landscapes and the personalities of the islands. They move from the outside to the inside to bring you closer to places, traditions or contexts while creating bridges and synergies.