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Accessories and shoes from Mallorca

Marmar was born in 2014, as a final project at the European Design Institute in Madrid. The longing for her land, made Mar Pons create a brand with Mallorcan essence, in the end of 2015 it really became her profession. Marmar emerged from an illusion and uncertainty: she was 21 years old when she decided to take her path and start as a fashion designer.
“In my designs, I like to mix traditional crafts with Mediterranean and contemporary feeling. Therefore, at Marmar, we offer quality accessories and footwear. Where the most important premise is the material, coming from the island. My biggest inspiration is the environment, nature, colors and textures. I discovered a type of Mallorcan fabric of 70% linen and 30% cotton, the oldest made on the island and nowadays the most unknown. I do not mean the famous “tela de llengües”, but a fabric that reminds me of the pintoresque hydraulic tiles of the island. I fell in love with this fabric and decided that it would be the one that would identify Marmar. In addition to the Mallorcan fabric, at Marmar, we are characterized by the use of 100% natural materials, like high quality leather, wool, cotton and palm.
In 2016 and after a lot of work, I opened the marmar online store. It seems a good tool to get to know me, so that the customer can see and buy my products. But I always dreamed of having my own shop / workshop, where I could show my way of working, my essence and my creations – and I got it. On April 14th, 2017 I opened my first Showroom in Palma, where I make all Marmar products with our small team.
From the beginning, it was clear, that I wanted to promote local crafts, therefore I work with artisans from all over Mallorca. They are specialized in each sector, so that our products are perfectly prepared. In addition of being the designer of my own brand, I am also passionate about making shoes and accessories. This way I have created a totally sustainable brand, since the process of creation and preparation of all my products is under fair conditions and respecting the environment.
Come visit my Showroom, where you can find all Marmar products in the charming little house.

Thank you for being part of my dream.” – Mar Pons

c / Colubí 37 Son Espanyolet-Palma de Mallorca