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Massages, biomagnetic therapy and personal coaching on Mallorca

Massages, biomagnetic therapy and personal coaching are the three pillars of my holistic therapy on Mallorca.
We are integral beings, that is why I believe in a holistic approach to therapy that includes BODY – MIND – SPIRIT. Our body is the reflection of the energy molded according to the interpretations of the mind. There are personal and different realities for each individual. That is why not two persons need the same kind of therapy. My therapy is elaborated individually for each person, according to their specific needs.

My tools: massages, biomacnetic therapy, personal coaching, mindfulness and reiki

Chiromassages and ayurvedic massages

Relaxing the physical body allows greater mental flexibility
Muscle pain, contractures, stress, insomnia – the physical body reflects mental tensions. Relaxing the body also allows the mind to relax. Through personalized massages with essential oils you will achieve physical and mental well-being. Your spirit and your humor will improve.


Biomagnetic Therapy or biomagnetic pair therapy

Harmonize the energy of your body.
Biomagnetic therapy is a technique that allows us to work on the PH of your body, regulating acidity and alkalinity through magnetic charges.
With the help of magnets, the body recovers its proper functioning at all levels, the physical as well as the mental body, since it allows us to unblock emotions.


Personal Coaching

Possibly all the answers are in you, you just need someone to ask you the right questions.
Living according to our beliefs and values, being aware of our decisions and priorities, ordering thoughts, getting to know our feelings, accepting and respecting ourselves are tasks that we find difficult to do alone. But all this is  essential in order to live in harmony with ourselves and our environment, family, friends, work.

With my personal coaching, I accompany you in this process of reconnection with your wiser and more powerful self.


Mindfulness and resilience training

Healthy mind, healthy body
Learn to breathe, to react, to answer… take a moment to listen, be thankful, enjoy… pause the immediate response time for which it seems that we are programmed…maybe this is the secret to live more slowly, more consciously. Through the exercise of meditation we achieve that our way of being includes peace of mind as the first ingredient for our well-being.



Reiki is a healing technique used since ancient times that complements all the therapies – massages, biomacnetic therapy, personal coaching and mindfulness – facilitating the flow of energy in your body.