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Interior design on Mallorca

Objetario Shop

OBJETARIO is not a word that is found in the dictionary. It is a word that was invented to name a place where objects from every corner of the globe are brought together in a space that is as unique as the objects themselves. Can Jordi, a grocery store established in 1888 in Llucmajor, has been renovated by its current owner with the respect and care needed to restore it to its former splendor. By travelling across the five continents and bringing back the rarest and most peculiar items, the most beautiful crafts from the least known artisans, and what may otherwise remain unnoticed by others, the´ve created an inventory of the world and bring an “Aleph” to your door: come visit OBJETARIO and peek into the sphere.

Plaça Espanya, 8. 07620 Llucmajor

Photos: Arturo Martínez

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