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Olive leaf tea from Majorca – 2alquemistas

Olive leaf tea from Majorca – organic and super healthy

We harvest during pruning season the Olive leaves at the organic grove Son Moragues in Valldemosa and create a healthy and culinary product line with it. The teas are just a beginning of our journey.

As we “save” a waste product and breath new life into the leaves,  we create a circular economy and reduce waste and CO2 Emission. 

– The leaves are dehydrated in an oven which is powered by almond shells instead of electricity. Hence, the whole elaboration process is as sustainable and as artisanal as possible.

Olive leaves have even in Ancient Egypt been called  “heavenly power”  and have been used as a cure-it-all-remedy.

Properties of the Oleuropein, the phenol which you can find in the olive leave: 

– Strengthens immune system 

– lowers blood pressure and colesterol. 

– Reduces body fat

– Reduces inflammations

– Antibacterial and Antiviral. 

As the olive leaf is bitter, 2alquemistas have enhanced the tea blend with other local and organic ingredients to round up and harmonise its flavor. 

It tastes delicious, hot or cold.

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