Organic olive oil from Mallorca – extra virgin and certified by Demeter


Organic olive oil from Mallorca – Finca Can Feliu

Organic olive oil from Mallorca is not too hard to find on Mallorca these days. But the organic olive oil that is elaborated by the brothers Carlos and Xavi in their Finca hotel Can Feliu, is not only organic and extra virgin, it is also the only Demeter certified olive oil from Mallorca. This means, the extremely high standards of the Demeter organization for bio-dynamic agriculture are not only met, but periodically checked upon by the organic certifiers.
You can taste the hard work and the love they have put into their olives to obtain the best quality, bio-dynamic olive oil. This is confirmed by the different international prizes that the organic olive oil and the organic wine made in the Finca Can Feliu have won over the past years.

This finca, apart from producing fantastic bio-dynamic wines and olive oils also is a small, beautiful rural hotel. The atmosphere here is one of tranquility and happiness and one feels that the two brothers are not after making quick money, but rather that their main focus is on delivering quality products.

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Organic olive oil from Mallorca

Out of the two brothers, Carlos is the one who principally takes care of the vineyards and the cultivation of the olives. The bio-dynamic farm is his passion and his quality standards are high. He wants to produce the best wines of Mallorca and the finest olive oils of Mallorca.
To be able to do so, he not only follows the strict Demeter guidelines of agriculture and production. He also has invested in one of the most modern olive presses available today. In this way he is not dependent on local olive mills any more. Now, he can rest assured that the olives are handled carefully and the extraction process of the olive oil follows the bio-dynamic standard he seeks. The press will first be used to extract the olive oil of the harvest of 2019. The already fantastic organic quality of the olive oil from Finca Can Feliu will then really be unsurpassable when it comes to purity and taste.

Olive oil tasting in Mallorca

At the Finca Can Feliu you can participate in guided tours and tastings, for the olive oils as well as for the wines. During the olive oil tastings, Carlos emphasizes on the different aromas of his olive oils, explaining to first time participants how to properly taste an olive oil. The olive oil is poured into a small glass cup with a lid. After gently moving the cup in circular motions, the lid is lifted and you inhale deeply the aromas of the olive oil. Then you take a small sip of the olive oil and spread it around in your mouth In this way all taste buds are involved and you are sure to become aware of all the different nuances the olive oil has to offer.

Bio-dynamic cultivation of olives in Mallorca

Carlos takes great care of his olives even while still on the trees. The Olives on the finca Can Feliu are cultivated adhering strictly to the organic and bio-dynamic standards of the Demeter certification. Especially with olive oil, it is very important that the olives are organic. Pesticides are liposoluble, this means they are absorbed by the oils in the olive. When the oil is  extracted, so are the pesticides and we absorb them with every drop of non-organic olive oil we eat. Or as Carlos puts it: if you have just one single organic product at home, let it be the olive oil.

This is why in Can Feliu they go beyond organic farming: they are producing bio-dynamically, for example by using plants as natural pesticides. And it is just one of many measures they take.
And the effort they made was worth it: their bio-dynamic olive oil Son Naava has been awarded the silver Olivalies Medal at the Les Olivalies  competition in Aix-en-Provence in 2019. And it has obtained a special mention for its outstanding quality.