Re Organic Restaurant and plasticfree shop in Sóller/Mallorca


Of all the restaurants in Sóller and the Port of Sóller, Re Organic, situated close to the town square, will surprise you with our fresh and tasty, healthy menu, made from zero km products both seasonal and organic.

Our menu will leave your palate seduced by the array of textures, aromas, and explosion of flavours from our daily offerings.

If you haven’t before, come try an organic, healthy meal, that is both tasty and delicious.

If there is one thing that sets us apart in Soller, it’s that, without doubt, we will offer you an original menu, both delicious and healthy, put together knowing that there doesn’t have to be a sacrifice in taste in order to eat healthy, and that by eating healthy we are expressing a deep respect for our environment.

Re Organic was born from a strong conviction that there is no one right way of healthy eating, but rather, that all nutritional paths are valid and should be available without a sacrifice to the pleasure, nor taste of the dining experience.

As a restaurant, our specialities are, an original menu of healthy food made with the freshest ingredients, a light and airy, eco-friendly architectural space to dine in, and a service orientation that prioritizes your special dietary needs without sacrificing the tastiness of our food. These qualities make Re Organic the perfect place to enjoy a surprisingly different dining experience.

Delight yourself with a restaurant where you’ll find tasty gluten-free, cereal-free, lactose-free dishes or vegan and vegetarian dishes prepared with love, creativity, and the know-how of authentic flavor professionals.

In RE Organic you will not only enjoy our special breakfast that consist of juices and great combinations of seasonal products, and even romantic dinners or with friends; accompany your food with an organic craft beer or a cold press juice and try an organic coffee.


Let’s organize your special celebration together, we have the best professionals to organize your event, we offer our commitment and everything that is needed to make it a perfect day. Talk to us about what’s in your mind, (party, anniversary etc.) and we’ll take care of every little detail so that nothing lacks in the snack or banquet and all you’ll have to do is enjoy the moment without worrying about anything.


There’s no other space like ours anywhere in Majorca where you can savor the kind of food that we offer and at the same time in such a unique setting.

We use natural, simple and light decoration elements such as wood, stone and native plants of Majorca, along with recycled furniture.

Feel connected with the land that makes you experience the merge of our food and our spaces.

Give yourself a unique treat, taste our dishes and desserts in the exclusive atmosphere of our terrace located in the center of Sóller overlooking the “Serra de Tramuntana” declared as a World Heritage Site by UNESCO.

Enjoy the harmony of our dining room designed according to the parameters of the most avant-garde bio construction, feel the warm and cozy ambiance of the lighting while relishing our dishes or sweets.

Come and discover our friendly and hospitable space, surely the combination of our food and our design will captivate you.

Organic Restaurant

The proposal of an organic restaurant in Sóller by RE Organic is based on conviction.

We are what we eat!

In RE organic, our awareness about the importance of the intake of toxic-free foods for good health, makes us firmly believe that organic food is the path to personal well-being.

Our original dishes are tasty and healthy and are made from raw materials carefully selected by our expert chefs.

Our team works hard to ensure that 95% of our ingredients are organic bio origin.

Most of the products used in elaborating our dishes do not contain toxic residues from pesticides, chemicals, fertilizers or synthetic additives, making it a totally organic restaurant in the valley of Soller and Majorca.

RE Organic offers an ecological restaurant in Sóller as a proposal of an attitude of life that addresses the habitants of Majorca in general, it is located in the Serra de Tramuntana in the midst of Deia, Fornalutx and Buñola where we offer our services in a street by the center of Sóller. Eating out with this option has increasingly become a preference, to eat natural products and to opt for an organic meal makes us return to the origins where respect for the environment around us should prioritize all our actions.


Our small restaurant, supports locally produced biological products cultivated by small scale farmers who grow organic seasonal greens and vegetables that guarantee a higher quality with higher rates of antioxidants and nutrients that enhance its flavor.

We avoid using transgenic ingredients and seed irradiation products in our food; we do not support overexploitation of soils that end up becoming barren.

Authentic dishes prepared by expert hands who know how to combine the different organic products to the delight of both residents and visitors. Discover our menu, surprise yourself by the explosion of flavours of our dishes.Food made with freshly harvested products from the earth so that they retain all their flavor, be substantial, and full of nutrients. Our dishes combine the elements forming color palettes that evoke nature i n i ts purest form and where flavors and aromas invade your essence.
Important note: We advocate ethical and responsible consumption with zero km products, produced by local farmers according to the season and free of pesticides and marinades that damage our health and our planet. Avoiding eating foods made with toxins can eliminate diseases, opting for introducing organic food into your menu is opting for good health and that of the planet.

C/Sa Mar 43

07100 Sóller Baleares, España

+34 971638992