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Mallorca adventure vans rental
furgonetas vivienda de alquiler en mallorca

Lovingly restored camper vans for rent in Mallorca

Rent a camper van in Mallorca – Mallorca Adventure Vans offers campers with well designed wooden furniture and cute decoration. A great and economic alternative to a hotel.
Valentino und Míriam, the founders of Mallorca Adventure Vans, love to travel. They love nature and adventures and discovered the van life.
Valentino, a carpenter and artist loves to design practical furniture for the limited space in the camper vans. His goal: furniture that is beautiful, space saving and comfortable at the same time.
Míriam, a freelance creative in social media and photographer. Her passion for arts and craft has led to a tasteful interior design and lovely decoration of the camper vans.
Mallorca Adventure Vans offer 5 different camper vans for rent in Mallorca. Each one is unique, has its own story and even a name. The furniture is made from walnut, ceder, cherry and pinewood and the decorations have been found in the most beautiful corners of the world during the couple’s extensive travels.
To rent camper vans in Mallorca is only one part of how they lead their lives. Their motto is: live a simple life, love, have great experiences, respect the planet and the people and to enjoy togetherness.
We love the newest addition at Mallorca Adventure Vans: The Automated Pope & Poole Phototruck.
This is their explanation: “This is a classic photo boot, integrated in a vintage Volkswagen camper. The two concepts blend nicely with one another. On one hand, the old photo booth that revives black and white photography, on the other hans the beauty and aesthetics of the VW camper vans from the 1970´s.”
This beautifully restored vintage camper van can be hired for weddings and other events.

To rent a camper van in Mallorca or to book the The Automated Pope & Poole Phototruck, contact Mallorca Adventure Vans directly here via our contact sheet: