Rental cars on Mallorca


Rental Cars on Mallorca

Where to find the best rental cars on Mallorca is an interesting question. You often hear about rental car clients who got stuck with paying unnecessary fees or insurances.

Our experience is that you usually have much less trouble if you rent a car with one of the wellknown rental car companies, even though you may pay a couple of euros more than you would with a discount company. In the end, one may even end up saving money.

Bad experiences

We ourselves have had bad experiences with rental cars on Mallorca from the cheaper rental car companies. Last time we rented with one of them, we discovered after we had returned the car, that the lady at the check out counter had booked an expensive extra insurance for us without even telling us about it. Our mistake was not reading the fine print of what we were signing, but up to now, at least the person behind the counter had always at least asked us if we wanted to add that extra insurance. So, our cheap car turned out not to be cheap at all.

On top of that, they charged us for a missing cover of the luggage compartment in our rental car. This cover had not been in the car when we picked it up, which unfortunately we did not notice then nor during the whole rental period. We were also not accompanied by an employee of the rental car company when we inspected the car on picking it up. Any complaint we might have had, we would have had to go back to the office and stand in line again to get the defects reported. Of course, one should definitely do that, but it seems to us that they well know that one may not be as thorough checking the car alone, with the key and the papers already in hand, ready to start ones vacation, than if one was accompanied. At least for us, this was the case.
Of course we tried to complain and get our money back for the cover we were charged for as well as for the extra insurance. The result after a very tedious and long process was nil. We got stuck with all the extra costs, which was very aggravating and not a nice end to our vacation.

At another rental car company, friends of ours, who had booked a car through a car rental website back home, have been talked into booking an extra insurance, even though they had alredy booked a full insurance through the website. The rental car company claimed, that this insurance would not cover them and that they would get stuck with any costs arising from an accident or theft of the car. This obviously is not true, but if the employee is convincing, it may be difficult to know what to believe. So, it is a good idea to know what one has booked when using websites to book your rental car. Usually, the full insurance these sites offer, are in fact full insurances. What can happen in case of damage is that you may have to forward the money and claim it back from the insurance afterwards. Often the employees at the car rental companies here in Mallorca are very skilled in selling this fact in a way that makes you think, the insurance you booked online is not covering you here in Spain. So, be sure to come prepared, knowing exactly what you have booked and payed for online to avoid getting talked into paying unnecessary fees.

Where we book our rental cars

We like to use the website for booking rental cars on Mallorca or anywhere else in the world. Rentalcars is one of the world´s biggest rental car websites to compare prices. What we especially like is that you can filter which rental car company you would like to use. Avis, Hertz and Europcar are a relatively safe bet, where usually you will not be cheated into paying unnecessary fees. Also they normally offer higher quality cars than the cheaper rental car companies, where we have on more than one occasion been presented with rental cars with various defects in the interior. On seeing this, one cannot help but wonder what the entire technical state of the car might be like.

Another advantage at is that often you can cancel the car free of charge up to 48 hours before starting the rental period (if so specified in the description of each car!).
We also try to only hire cars that offer the full-to-full option where you pick the car up with a full tank and return it with a full tank. All car hire companies tend to charge a lot of money for refuelling the car, so you are better off if you fill up the  tank of the rental car yourself before returning it.
Also, we always make sure that unlimited mileage is included in the rental price.

But no matter where you end up getting your rental cars in Mallorca, the same rule applies for all companies: read carefully what is included in the price for the rental car, read carefully the rental policy and the specific rental conditions of the car you want to rent. works with many rental car suppliers who offer different conditions in their rentals..

So, make sure you know what you have booked and payed for, especially if you have decided to go with one of the cheaper rental car companies. Read carefully what you are signing when you pick the car up and carefully inspect the car for defects before leaving the premises, preferably by taking pictures of them and having an employee of the rental car company confirm those defects in written form.

We have decided to generally invest a little more money when hiring a car, booking with one of the better known companies. It is worth the money to spare yourself the inconveniences and aggravations you too often have to face with the cheaper rental car companies.

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