Restaurant Andana by Maca de Castro in Palma

Andana is the new restaurant of Grupo DCastro (a family owned business). It is the traditional kitchen of Maca de Castro, but adapted to the new circumstances. It is the Mediterranean and it is Mallorca. The average price of the dishes is around € 20-€ 25, fresh produce from the garden (located in Sa Pobla) and a concept that underlines the importance of local cuisine to travel faster and go further. The name of the restaurant, Andana, comes from Andén (since it is the old train station that linked Palma Ciutat with Inca) and also from the measurement used to name a plot in the orchard. It is important to highlight that the De Castro family knew how to select to continue sharing island gastronomy, an ideal building to adapt to the new ‘normality’. The main room is very spacious, with high ceilings, an open kitchen (the customer can see everything) and also a large terrace. It is undoubtedly a reinvention of the gastronomy that characterizes Macarena: rich, with feeling, a lot of flavor and honesty in the face of the product that is closest to us.

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