Simply Son Braho Farm Restaurant Santa Catalina Palma de Mallorca

Simply Son Braho started out as a journey to live more sustainably and more healthily by reconnecting with the natural environment. We started on a small piece of land in the centre of Mallorca and began growing our own food using the principles of permaculture and soon began to see the results of our efforts in the form of beautiful and healthy fruits and vegetables. We then set up a house test kitchen to create delicious plant first meals and began sharing these meals with our friends. They became so popular that we decided to bring our small farm concept into the vibrant neighbourhood of Santa Catalina.

Simply Son Braho is all about presenting healthy, delicious and sustainable food choices. We focus on a whole foods, plant based menu using high quality organic produce sourced from our own farm and other local organic suppliers. Our team small team of professional chefs takes great care in crafting each recipe using seasonal produce and testing each dish for optimal taste and nutrition. Our mantra is local, seasonal and sustainable and it is our mission to feed the residents of Mallorca healthy food that nourishes the body while respecting the planet.

In addition to our deli, we also have an open plan kitchen and event space where we host workshops and eventually will also offer cooking classes.