Healthy food in Palma – Smack Mallorca

From tomatoes to cauliflower, our meat or the sea food, all of the products that cross the threshold to Smack Mallorca have been carefully selected. The fresh taste of mint, chive and coriander…the acidulated perfume of the candied lemon or pomegranate, crispy almonds, local and foreign spices make our dishes so special.

The result: finely tuned and accessible food, which values its ingredients.

Discover the spirit of Smack Mallorca, snacking on the sardine “rillettes” or the aubergine caviar. Or enjoy a tranquil dinner with exceptional products like truffle ham, Cebón filet steak on bearnaise sauce or different ceviches. Finish off with a sweet note of gourmet cafe, lemon tart or chocolate truffles.

Calle Fábrica 14, 07013 Palma

Tel 0034 871 53 15 19