Studio visit and talk with painter Vera Edwards

`Living from the land became more of a theme, and I realized, that I really dont need much to feel happy´- Vera Edwards
MC How did you experience the lockdown on the island?
VE I really enjoyed the lockdown, it was an amazing time for creation, I moved into my studio in the countryside and felt like I had all the time in the world to paint, and do all the things I love. For me it was a time of personal growth and focus.
MC Did isolation change your perception on Mallorca and/or the relationship with Spain or Europe?
VE Yes , I felt very grateful for the place im living in, this amazing island with all its gifts. Living from the land became more of a theme, and I realized I really dont need much to feel happy.
MC When and how did you produce the works exhibited in the AMICS DE LA TERRA art show?
VE I did them though the quarantine or just before.
MC What do they mean to you?
VE These paintings are about the strengh and empowerment I am feeling from the women that surround me and support me, we are stronger together, and when we are connected with nature. The Dance is a clear representation of this strength, playfulness and synchronicity with nature.  La cueva’ its about that connection to the pure. And the darkness at the same time. Its a very special cave in the south of the island called the Pirate Cave. And ‘caballets’ is a young girl representing the roots and traditions of Felanitx.
MC What’s Mallorca for you and how does it inspire your work?
VE Mallorca is a huge inspiration to me , I think the most obvious form is the light and the soft color palette I use. Because the themes in my work tend to be more personal lately , but the light in mallorca is a big part of my style. And the connection to the land that is so strong here.

MC What are your favorite spots that you’d like to share?
VE Market in Consell, the monastery San Salvador. Cala Marmols.
Born in San Francisco, Vera feels grateful being able to live in her grandma‘s house in Mallorca. 
Through her paintings, she takes us on a stroll across the island. Her motifs don‘t just depict intimate moments, but become a carrier of emotions. Vera‘s work has been exhibited in various group and solo shows and travelled to Miami for 2019 art fair.