The Ones, a recipe collection by Rocio Graves

rocio graves is a creator of beauty

a food alchemist, activist, food photographer and home gardener — growing a variety of local foods on her family’s land.

born in the 80’s on the island of mallorca, with british and spanish roots, she grew up in a small community of artists. a voice for sustainable-conscious living with a passion for self-healing through food, nature and spirituality.

through her online presence she shares her ongoing journey of self-healing, gardening and musings of her personal transformation through her awakening experience of divorce and sickness, with the intention of inspiring and uplifting those on the path of healing, of conscious living, of coming back home to themselves.

having stayed and travelled extensively in india, volunteering and learning about biodiverse regenerative farming and seed saving at vandana shiva’s organic farm ‘navdanya’ – rocio received her BA in human rights in london (2010) where she dove into deeper understanding of water and farmers rights.

during her years of study time she also dipped her toes in photography.

in 2013 whilst dealing with serious health issues she found a profound interest and fascination for holistic healing and food as medicine.

she shares her delicious healing food alchemy at her own bespoke small gatherings, at exclusive happenings and as a personal chef.

she just launched her latest project: The Ones, a plant-based recipe collection + practices and rituals for calming the nervous system and relaxing the body for cooking and eating — in line with ayurvedic principles, writings and musings on caring for your kitchen as an altar, soundtracks, and much more…

About THE ONES, a plant-based recipe collection by Rocio Graves

This offering emerged from an unplanned desire / impulse to create. Inspired by the light, space, and energy of a friend’s home in Moscari, on the island of Mallorca, nestled into the mountainside, Rocio felt on an intrinsic level that it was the place for her to explore a food alchemy project. “The Ones.” were born. Spreads, chutneys, dressings, pickles, sweet delights, soups and drinks that we can always have on hand to add vibrancy, flavour, and nourishment to any meal.

Some impressions from behind the scenes: