Tramuntana Tea Blend by Cecilia Soerensen Mallorca
Tramuntana Tea Blend by Cecilia Soerensen is a blend of organic green gunpowder tea combined with liquorice root and then organic herbs from the island; Anise, Fennel, Rosemary and Lemon verbena. I am a super fan of green tea, I drink many pots a day, and then the liquorice root is very typical in Finland, more in sweets, but it reminds me of childhood memories. I could not find that much different teas here, and since we do not travel now at all (used to buy all the tea in Paris while there for the fairs) I first bought tea and herbs just for our family use and started to make different blends every day . I have two daughters and they also got very into it so we then we had the kitchen full of pots with different teas and local herbs.
Then I started the Tramuntana blend as an idea to send somekind of Thankyou note with the webshop orders that would be linked to the nature here. So I send a sample with every order and then someone asked if I sell the blend as well. So then I searched for the tins and used a watercolour that I had painted of the twin mountains here in Alaró for the label. Before the pandemia I only sold the collections wholesale to shops and did not have any webshop. But as so many shops are closed/struggling now we started the webshop and are selling worldwide now.
I am working on a second blend, it’s an herbal one, with a Chamomile base and I am currently trying out the combinations, as well as the label which is an Puput (Hoopoe)- watercolour, I plan to have it ready for Easter in April.
I design a women’s wear collection:
and for kids: both all organic and produced here on the island. I am in the Moda Mallorca collective of designers from the island: