Tree-m team planting trees

Umweltaktion Mallorca

I plant for the future


I’m Nuri and i am 12 years old. With my initiative “Treem Team” i try to plant as many trees as possible for my fair share of a greener Earth

Why should we plant trees?

Once there were 6 trillion ( trees on the world, and nowadays there are only 3 trillion ( That is about 422 trees per person, and that isn’t much!
I live on the beautiful island Mallorca, and because of that i selected the Scots Pine. These are beautiful trees and they can absorb a good quantity of CO2 and give a good quantity of oxygen. The Scots Pine is a very resistent plant, it survives the cold winter (Ca. 5Cº) and the hot summer (Ca. 40º). Not many trees can survive in these conditions. The objective is to raise money for better tools, seedlings, dirt and more. My objective is to raise so much money to be able to buy entire fields. Because 1 Hektar (10Km.²) forest can absorb 10.000 Kg. – 12.000 Kg. CO2  in every year. A big number. But, in a year, there are ca. 35 million tons of CO2 released by humans ( tons = 35 trillion Kg.

The problem: High CO2 levels in the air

Trees normally grow in wet areas. But they can’t, because just there they are repressed. By the human. The deforestation takes place in wet areas. Scientists estimate the loss of trees by deforestation, agriculture and other disturbances to about 15,3 trillion trees (15.300.000.000) in every year. With the every time less growing trees the CO2 levels changed, and now there are growing at alarming rates. The most CO2 in the history was registered Ca. 320.000 years ago (This was discovered in the ice layers in north and south pole. It layers itself during million years. In the layers of every year there is CO2  enclosed, and this was measured). Since 1950, because of the growing industrialisation the CO2 records were broken, nowadays we are at the double quantity of CO2, this means that in about 70 years the CO2 levels have more than doubled.

Trees can absorb CO2

Trees also absorb CO2 in their trunk. Trees build their trunk (mostly) out of CO2, and if we burn the trees, which is what happens in the deforestation, all the CO2 is released back into the atmosphere. This means if we burn a Hektar of forest (10Km.²) there are Ca. 12.000 tons of CO2 released into the atmosphere, and there we have to remember that air is really light. This means, there are every time less trees, many are burned and their CO2 is released into the atmosphere. This means there is every time more CO2 in the air. With less trees there are less tree reproducing. This little quantity of trees can absorb less CO2 together , and like that someday there will be too much CO2 in the air, which trees cannot absorb, and life may die.

Support a greener Earth

The world will profit from every donation, may it be big or small. Because you can help! If you donate less than a cup of coffee costs. Only 1 Euro helps me to plant a tree. This is my callout to everyone, try producing less CO2 and help me make the world green again!