Wild Plant Fragrances / VITI VINCI


We believe in the power of scent to reconnect people with their emotions, memories and – ultimately – themselves.

Viti Vinci, is a scent tailoring company specialized in creating unique purposeful fragrances capable of stimulating chemical reactions which in turn trigger feelings, unlock memories and create moods.

Our fragrances are handmade from the finest essential oils extracted from 100% natural wild plants and biodynamic crops, many of which are grown on our own Mallorcan scentuary by the coast. We also source other essential oils from around the world, from Madagascar to Thailand, India to Italy. Every ingredient we use is respectfully sourced using traditional perfumery techniques and from socially responsible partners.

Each fragrance is a limited edition, crafted to evoke an emotion unique to the wearer – what we call emotional programming. Available as perfumes, diffusers, pure essences or aromatic waters, each formulation is meticulously made to fulfil its purpose and stir the soul of the one who breathes it in.

We offer workshops and experiences in which we share the secrets of aromachology, so that you can discover the evocative and transformative power of aromas for yourself.

At Viti Vinci, we also design spaces where smell is as important as the other senses. Through careful choice of materials and structural design, our environments are created allowing scent to diffuse through the physical spaces, provoking emotions and stimulating a deeper level of interaction between people and their environment.

We work to regenerate the land and protect ecosystems through agro-ecology.

Our commitment to the planet is simple: we only take from nature what we give back.

We use permaculture techniques to rewild and regenerate the biodiversity of the local flora and fauna, preserving native and endemic species in order to build the aromatic palette of Mallorca.

We believe in the quality of our artisan product, in the collaboration between people and in the sustainable circular economy. We grow our crops without controlling their natural development, using techniques that respect the wild nature of the environment. And through participation in reforestation and wild habitat protection programs, we are contributing to creating carbon sinks which slow down global warming and increase biodiversity.

Carrer de l’Estudi General, 2 Bajo.
07001 Palma de Mallorca