Terrae – a sustainable restaurant on Mallorca


Your sustainable restaurant in Mallorca

Terrae seeks a good result with a simple process, knowledge and common sense combined with a genuine product make dinner in our restaurant a great experience.

KNOWLEDGE: David’s experience in the kitchen and his peculiar tastes with food.
COMMON SENSE: If it’s good, that’s it! There’s no more. Simple dishes, few products and specific flavors. You may like it or not, but that already goes a long way in the concept of people. If you come to our restaurant ready to enjoy a new experience, with all that our way of thinking implies, we are convinced that you will be satisfied.

Each product is used to the maximum, always looking for 0% waste. We create sauces, powders, foams, etc. with products that others would not take advantage of. This strengthens the ingenuity and creativity that characterizes us. For environmental and economic reasons, this is what allows us to continue growing as a 100% sustainable restaurant, to the point of being a benchmark in the north of the island of Mallorca. Above all, thanks to the support of local people, who knew how to value the concept from the beginning more than 5 years ago.

Learn, work and improve. Born in Margarita, an island in the Venezuelan Caribbean very similar to Mallorca. From a young age and influenced by television programs, amateur chefs and family members, who already belonged to this world, it is when he decided to be a chef. After finishing his training at the Hoffman hospitality school in Barcelona, ​​he began his professional career. He has traveled the world working as a chef in cities such as Barcelona, ​​Oslo or Hong Kong. Which has allowed him to expand his creativity and become the chef he is today, with such a marked style. Years later and in search of making his dream come true, he decided to come to Mallorca with his family, where he had the opportunity to have his own restaurant. Where he can be himself, where the beautiful is measured differently, where people are at home, enjoying the experience of simplicity. This is how Terrae was born.